Duplicator Pro

Setup Notice:

An error has occurred. In order to load the full installer please resolve the issue below.
Archive not found! The required archive file must be present in the 'Extraction Path' below. When the archive file name was created it was given a secure hashed file name. This file name must be the exact same name as when it was created character for character. Each archive file has a unique installer associated with it and must be used together. See the list below for more options:

Extraction Path: /home/magapetition/public_html/

Server Settings:

ZipArchive: Enabled
ShellExec Unzip: Enabled
Extraction Path: /home/magapetition/public_html
Installer Path: dup-installer
Archive Size: Expected Size: 353.06MB   Actual Size: 0B
Boot Log dup-installer-bootlog__[HASH].txt

Please Note: ZipArchive or ShellExec Unzip will need to be enabled for the installer to run automatically otherwise a manual extraction will need to be performed. In order to run the installer manually follow the instructions to manually extract before running the installer.