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WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, believe that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation must be nothing less than an honest, diligent, politically-untainted man or woman who will enforce federal laws equally, evenhandedly and on the basis of factual reality, not on partisan considerations or allegiances to any politician, political actor, political sect, ideology, or to protect the crimes or misconduct of any government official, agent or agency, including and especially within the FBI itself and the Department of Justice.

We believe, based on his actions and inactions, that current FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has egregiously failed to meet the basic standard outlined above, and as a result has caused the most consequential law enforcement organization in our nation to further drift towards the disrepute, corruption and cynical partisan bias that were the overriding features of the unfortunate tenures of the two previous Directors.

Director Wray has failed to pursue in any meaningful way the criminal abuses of power perpetrated by his predecessor and the former Deputy Director who participated in nothing less than a seditious conspiracy aimed at a sitting president, after spying on this president while a candidate for that office, obtaining extraordinary secret warrants under knowingly-false pretenses and by systematic deception of a federal court, in service to tawdry personal and partisan vendettas against this president.

Director Wray has failed to reform the culture of the FBI that has for too long been tainted by political correctness and the selective targeting of enforcement against only those who have opposed certain political actors, sects or ideologies, while ignoring serious and widespread crimes committed or fomented by these same political actors or their fellow travelers.

This was abundantly evident in Wray’s outlandish testimony recently before Congress in which Wray refused to recognize or acknowledge that the domestic terrorist organization called “Antifa” is in fact an actual organization, instead dismissing it as merely an ideology that attracts certain types of bad actors. This view is not only absurd, it is dangerously ignorant and requires active negligence and a willful failure of due diligence on the part of someone who has no other job than to be pro-actively diligent and operating from heightened awareness and scrutiny that is not muddled by any outside considerations or ulterior biases.

Director Wray has also repeatedly parroted, and only acted upon, the fictions and distortions of a malicious partisan narrative contrived around the actions and influences of the Russian state upon American domestic politics, rather than on the factual, demonstrable reality that the only conclusively-proven efforts by the Russian state to this end have been de minimus, at best, and of little to no actual effect. Meanwhile, the actual collusion with Russian actors by those who have advanced this malicious false narrative has been purposefully ignored by Wray and his deputies, while the lies and distortions continue to be amplified by his failure to do his duty.

Wray has effectively signed onto a monstrous partisan lie that has been constructed and crafted solely in the fevered power-hungry minds of a certain lawless, ruthless political sect, who were rightfully denied power in the last presidential election and have since sought to destroy legitimate, lawful American governance and law enforcement in service to what can only be described as outright megalomania, driving those who are part of, or otherwise allied with, this sect to brazenly commit acts of sedition, obstruction of justice, unprecedented abuses of power and unconscionable false prosecutions in service to their illegitimate partisan
ulterior motives.

Director Wray need only have remained faithful to his oath and his duties, rather than effectively become another adminstrative pawn to political power seekers who have engaged in serious crimes to undermine our government and thwart its functioning as a constitutional republic. Wray is clearly unfit for the office and,

THEREFORE, we hereby petition President Donald J. Trump to terminate Christopher A. Wray as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately, and nominate for FBI Director an individual meeting the above standards for this critical law enforcement position in our federal government.

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