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  • General Michael Thomas Flynn served the people of the United States of America with fidelity and honor in our nation’s Army for 33 years, as a soldier, officer and combat commander with multiple tours in overseas theaters of war.
  • General Flynn, who is a registered Democrat, served as the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), by appointment of President Barack Obama. After leaving government service in 2014, General Flynn went on to serve as an advisor for national security issues in the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. On November 18, 2016 President-Elect Trump named General Flynn National Security Advisor.
  • General Flynn distinguished himself over the last decade as a strong opponent and vocal critic of the militarist foreign policies of the Obama and prior administrations. General Flynn’s stance rejected the Washington D.C. military-intelligence industrial establishment’s dogmatic orthodoxy for promoting and perpetuating:
    1. Ad hoc military interventionism and meddling in the sovereign affairs of other nations,
    2. Coddling of and promoting entanglements with narrow sectarian, ideological or nationalist forces, including and especially Islamic fundamentalist groups, as well as various dictatorial regimes around the globe. [Notably, General Flynn was a credible high profile critic and opponent of the systematic, single-minded effort by Barack Obama and his top functionaries to legitimize, subsidize and otherwise support the theocratic terror state ruling the nation of Iran, in connection with the “Iran nuclear deal”, a “premiere” initiative of the Obama administration, and
    3. Vestigial reactionary Cold War era hostility and a paranoid obsession directed at the Russian state, coupled with purposeful, ulterior-motivated ‘neglect’ of the significant rising threat posed to U.S. interests, the American people and human rights generally by the communist dictatorship ruling China.
  • General Flynn’s vigorous opposition to the provocative messianic schemes of neoconservative zealots infesting America’s foreign policy establishment, and the casual but persistent manner in which they inflict on the nation their penchant for squandering American blood and treasure in service to dubious globalist objectives, made General Flynn a central target for personal and political annihilation at the hands of a tight-knit, ruthless group of criminally power-abusive federal officials and their fellow travelers in retail politics and corporate media.
  • General Flynn’s depth and breadth of experience in government over more than three decades, particularly in matters of armed conflict and overseas entanglements, culminating at its highest, most-sensitive reaches, made even the possibility of his ascendancy to a top national security position under a new independent-minded president a substantial and significant threat to a number of individuals in highly-responsible federal posts who had made lucrative careers out of defiling and exploiting their positions of trust in service to unseemly if not illegal ends, at the expense of American lives and national security.
  • General Flynn’s principled opposition to the abuse and misuse of American military and diplomatic strength by interventionist zealots embedded in the nation’s foreign service and national security establishments, along with the unique ability and substantial knowledge he possessed to actually do something to bring about its end, and potentially expose significant corruption among its progenitors, created a compelling motive for his being illicitly targeted for malicious persecution at the hands of unscrupulous, if not criminal, Obama administration officials willing and ready to engage in unconscionable abuses of power, operating out of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies and the White House itself.
  • General Flynn’s prosecution is the tainted product of flagrant, willful violations of: 1) constitutional and civil rights, 2) federal law, 3) professional and personal ethics and 4) long-standing, well-established, non-negotiable administrative procedures governing surveillance, wiretapping, investigatory and evidence-gathering practices, handling and treatment of targets or defendants, conflicts of interest, bias and prejudice, full and complete evidentiary production, and proper judicial conduct.
  • General Flynn pled guilty to an offense that was effectively staged and ultimately contrived by corrupt federal officials acting on improper if not malicious partisan motives.
  • General Flynn’s ordeal was promulgated on the direct orders of an underhanded, dishonest FBI Director who has now been demonstrated to be a liar (including perjury), a self-serving leaker of classified materials and confidential information for his own narrow political purposes, a criminally-manipulative abuser of federal law enforcement powers and the top federal law enforcement post he once held, and a malicious, partisan-motivated zealot. Likewise, the principal deputies of this corrupt former FBI Director who were parties to General Flynn’s prosecution have been conclusively shown to be culpable of criminal misconduct in office by acting on improper ulterior motives, abusing their positions of trust to serve political fealties and using positions of public trust to wage illicit partisan warfare against select political adversaries, in clear contravention of their sworn duties and the law governing their actions as officers of the federal government. Documents have been disgorged by court order which demonstrate contemporaneously in real-time and beyond question that the FBI interrogation of General Flynn at the White House was conceived and executed for illicit, improper motives.
  • General Flynn’s prosecution was instituted and maintained by an ad hoc group of corrupt, ulterior-motivated partisan lawyers operating on dubious legal grounds, with no effective supervision by, or effective accountability to, the Chief Executive Officer of the government or any responsible subordinate in the Department of Justice who was not conflicted or biased, and for purposes contrary to any legitimate public interest, while tainted by political biases and rife with direct professional and political ties to the principal partisan figures to whom, and to whose political interests, General Flynn posed a substantial threat as a top national security official acting in the public interest.
  • General Flynn’s guilty plea entered in his case, despite his actual innocence – as confirmed by the original interviewing FBI agents, who did not believe the General had lied to them – was the product of coercion by the Special Counsel prosecutors, who threatened to subject General Flynn’s son, Michael G. Flynn to the same prosecutorial abuse as he was enduring, presumably by manufacturing some sort of offenses out of the business the father and son had owned together.. As a loving, fiercely-protective father, General Flynn would subject himself to any injury or sacrifice to prevent harm or injury to his family. The use of this tactic by the Special Counsel lawyers to extract a false guilty plea from General Flynn reveals the depth of depravity and ruthless animalistic bloodlust.
  • General Flynn’s case has been dragged over the course of nearly three years, leaving his life in limbo, after bankrupting him to fund defense lawyers who he ended up having to fire in order to secure counsel who would take on the government’s underhanded dirty prosecutors. General Flynn’s current legal team, led by the outstanding Sydney Powell, was extraordinarily successful at forcing the government to finally divulge numerous damning documents proving the bias and underhanded motives that drove the persecution General Flynn has suffered.
  • General Flynn sought to withdrawal his guilty plea only to have the presiding judge in the case deny his motion. The Department of Justice, no longer represented by the corrupt Special Counsel lawyers, evaluated the evidence showing the improper motives and unethical conduct of the officials who engineered the General’s prosecution and determined that the only just course of action was to seek dismissal of the charges by motion to the district court. Incredibly, the presiding judge in the case, Emmett G. Sullivan, denied the motion, despite there being no means to proceed with the prosecution of the General and with all parties in agreement that the case should be dropped.
  • General Flynn’s prosecution by the DOJ ended, but the judge in his case has decided it is his personal prerogative to somehow continue tormenting the General in a bizarre effort to act as both judge and prosecution. The judge effectively ignored evidence showing that the government had acted on an illicit, improper basis for investigating and prosecuting the General and also ignored the fact that the government had unjustly and unethically withheld this evidence, to the General’s substantial detriment.
  • General Flynn moved the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to order Judge Sullivan to dimiss the case, and was granted this motion, with the Appeals Court issuing an order that the Judge dismiss the case. But the judge’s animus and personal bias against General Flunn, and by inference against the president whom the General had served and helped elect, are of such brazen, obstinate nature that as of this petition the judge has failed to comply with the Appeals Court order and has appealed the order to the Circuit Court as a whole (en banc). The Circuit Court held a four-hour hearing to consider Judge Sullivan’s appeal on August 11, 2020 and it is unclear whether they will uphold the order to dismiss the case, once and for all, against General Flynn.

THEREFORE, because of the patent injustices, official corruption and partisan bias that have been present throughout the case, in both the substance and handling of the prosecution of General Michael Thomas Flynn, we the undersigned hereby petition the President of the United States to immediately issue a full and unconditional pardon to General Flynn, absolving him of any and all further legal or other jeopardy in all matters related or relevant to the case of United States of America v. Michael Thomas Flynn (1:17-CR-00232 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia)

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