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It was more than evident that the petition sites were rigging any petition that was conservative themed”. Time to take action.

We are an all volunteer digital army of patriots dedicated to fair play for conservatives. We believe that all of the big Silicon Valley companies rig the results and keep petitions and polls from being truly accurate. Now we can get around most of the rigging but we ask that conservatives get educated and look in their spam folders to locate the confirmation email. Google is famous for sending conservative emails straight to the junk folder.

Reverse Impeachment
Impeach Judges Sullivan and Jackson


Impeach Judges Sullivan & Jackson

General Flynn

Petition to pardon General Michael Flynn

Roger Stone

Roger Stone

Petition to Pardon Roger Stone

Pelosi Rips

Nancy Pelosi

Petition to Censure Speaker Pelosi.

Dover Hangings Investigation

Dover Hangings

Petition to Investigate Dover Hangings.

Fire Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray

Fire FBI Director Wray

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